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Welcome to Akins Floor Service


Your Trusted Flooring Contractors in Missouri

Akins Floor Service is a certified and family-owned business that has been in the flooring industry for more than 40 years. We serve clients in St. Joseph, Missouri and the surrounding areas.

What We Do

We offer various flooring services that you require such as:

You can also turn to us if you need assistance with any carpeting needs.

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Qualified Floor Technicians

To ensure that each hard surface installation service we provide is performed to the highest standards promptly, we employ trained professionals to handle our projects.

Helpful Tips

As a homeowner, there are different things you can do on your end to make the installation process go smoothly. Here are some ideas that will help you prepare for a hard surface installation project:

  • Remove all breakable items on tables, cabinets, and shelves.
  • Clear out all closets and storage areas that are in proximity to the installation area.
  • Remove wall hangings and draperies.
  • Remove old floorings and furniture from the room such as waterbeds, aquariums, appliances, and other large items. You can also pay one of our professionals to do it for you!
  • Schedule your installation with us when you’re available. It is important that you are on the site should anything come up. You can also schedule a vacation or getaway with proper planning.
  • Make sure that children or pets are not in the installation area. Not only does this make a safer environment for everyone on the site but this also keeps distractions and interruptions to a minimum.

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